Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Winner of "Write Your Own Caption"!

It's time to pick the winner for the best caption for this picture!
And, nobody guessed the right doll who was under the covers! It was......
I know on the bios, it said that Dakota likes to tell jokes, but not always play jokes.
When Dakota saw the comments, she said "Why did a lot of people pick ME?!?"
Here is the winning caption!

Congrats Layla W.!!
Princess: If I lick Eva's feet, would she scream?
Sticks tongue out...
Lizabeth: NO PRINCESS!

Everyone's captions were good though too!
Good job!



  1. Very cute! Congratulations, Layla W.

    Dakota, I picked you to be under the covers because I thought the foot looked like yours. :)


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