Friday, February 1, 2013

I Have A New Blog!!!

Have you heard I have a new blog?? It is called Doll Express. Dakota writes it and it is mostly about usually fake doll news. I think the design looks really cool, and the font looks almost like a typewriter!!! Please check it out!!! As you may have noticed, I have added some pages and some fish to my blog!!! The cool thing about the fish, is that when you drag your mouse over the picture of the fish tank thing, they follow it, and if you click your mouse, food will come out, and the fish will eat it!!
So cool!! I will have the Superstar Site for February tomorrow!!!!


  1. AWWW you have a little white fish! I almost cant see it. Thats cool. Oh and I Like other blog. Can't what to see more posts. :)


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