Sunday, February 10, 2013

A New Girl!- Meet Heart for Heart Girl Nahji!!

                          Meet Nahji!! She is a Heart for Heart Girl and from India. Isn't she sooo pretty??

                         She came in this box- does't this picture remind you of Selena Gomez?

                         She comes in: this beaded headband,

                           fancy earrings,

                           a choker,

                         a pink dress,


                          purple leggings,

                            purple sandals

                                        golden bracelets,

                              she has her nose pierced,

                          and a tattoo on her hand that means "good luck".

           She also has a small book, girl-sized bracelet, brush, and a secret code. I think she is very pretty and well worth the $25 I spent on her. She is also 13 or 14 inches and very skinny compared to American Girl Dolls.

Do you have any Heart for Heart dolls??                                                




  1. I have 2 Dell and Consuelo.. my grands have Nahji and Consuelo... they are so cute

  2. Can you take the nose thingie out?

  3. I have Nahji, consuelo, lillian, and the one from new orleands


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