Tuesday, January 29, 2013

How to Make a Doll Vanity and Makeup

I made this vanity for my Moxie Girlz doll Lexa a few days ago, and it was SOOO easy to make! And you can make this for any size dolls! I started with a tissue box and cut it in half(I also cut of all the plastic stuff on top). I then cut out a triangular shape of of cardboard, covered it in paper, and glued a smaller sized piece of tinfoil for the mirror. Beside the mirror, I cut tall and short pieces of cardboard for decoration. I also glued a paper diamond to the front. If you were making this for an 18" doll, I would use a big box, but make sure it is tall enough, but not too tall. For perfume bottles, I hot-glued together different beads until they looked like cute expensive bottles. For nail polish, I took a round bead, and glued a long bead on top. For 18" dolls, I would use bigger beads, or items such as bottle caps and pipe cleaners.

        The makeup is down below, so that if the vanity falls, the tiny bottles won't go with it, and they are in the middle, so that the front sides won't push them of the edge.:)




                the nail polish won't stay up:)  

                           This really reminds me of a Taylor Swift perfume I saw at Wal-Mart!!


                     This is my favorite perfume bottle, it looks so real!!!



                                                             Something cute;)          



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