Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Getting Ready For Christmas #1- Decorating The Tree!

At some point, your dolls have to set up the tree, so why not now? This is Emily and Elizabeth as they decorate their tree.
Elizabeth has finally got back from the tree farm!

"Wow this tree is REALLY heavy!!"

"Whew, I'm exhausted!!"
"Lets get started!"

"Hey this is an ornament I made when I was 5!"

"And I painted this at school two years ago!!

"I forgot how much fun this is!"

Now make your own!!

1. Get a tree-you can always find a small tree at Walmart!!
2. Decorate!! Use small ornaments/lights and put them on the tree!!
3. Put presents under it!! Use the ideas from yesterdays post and lay them under the tree.

Have Fun!!

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