Wednesday, February 6, 2013

How Do You Make Doll Instruments????

Does anyone know how to make any 18" doll instruments(clarinet, flute, violin)??? That will be appreciated. Sorry, this post is lousy again, I totally ran out of time to post any crafts, and I made a lot of Valentine crafts.
I hope to keep up with crafting, but it is not always easy, as I have school. and please would more people follow this blog and Doll Express too, they are kinda low. And as always, please COMMENT!!


  1. Am stll happly readng your blog. I love to see what crafts you come up with. School keeps you busy and that is ok... post when you have the time...
    Oh and by the way I am from SOuth Africa... we just got our very first 18" dolls so hopefully we will have a big South African following in the doll world!
    Keep up the great blog!

  2. You could draw them on cardboard and cut them out. Use a paper towel tube (cut much thinner, of course) for the flute and clarinet. I hope this helps - my area of expertise is in paper doll crafts, not 18 inch dolls.


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